A Whole Man

Rolling thunder invaded my dreams this morning. A freight train. A distant explosion. It could have been either, or even something else. I can’t remember how it played into what I was dreaming at that moment, but it fit. But the big clasp woke me. Tara too. It was around 5:00.

As if thinking on this for a while, she said “It would be a gift to me if you took care of yourself. Get your eyes checked. Check your heart and your cholesterol levels….” and so on. It caught me off guard. Aren’t we supposed to be thinking about her health, not mine. For 6 months now I have not taken care of myself the best. Little things like eating, exercising, sleeping and hygiene, all get my leftover effort.

I need to be a whole man (physical, emotional, spiritual and mental) to properly care for my family. I take care of my mental self through work. My emotional self by being able to express my feelings and wrestle with them, whether it is to Tara or other friends. My spiritual self through prayer, reading scripture and other worship. But my physical self has been neglected.

Great! Another thing I have to think about. I really don’t want to go there, but now I must because it is important to her. And she is right, how can I care for her and the kids if I am not well physically. So God, once again I need your help to do something I cannot do on my own. Multiply the hours in my day. Give me motivation to do what I need to do.


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