Opposites Attract

The moon was huge tonight. It came up over the eastern horizon as big as the sun, and it was more spectacular, in my opinion. I have always loved the night. Tara, sunny days. I remember a vacation we took to a southern beach. Just the two of us. We spent the mornings outside together, but the afternoons were too hot and sunny. She loved it and insisted that was the point of being there. But I cowered in the hotel room on those afternoons with the blinds pulled shut and the AC cranking. About 6:30 pm I would venture out.

We are such opposites. I need spicy food to really enjoy it and if it is spicy at all, she won’t. I can’t sleep if it is hot. She can’t if it is cold. I like to wing it. She is all about the planning.

Today was the planned chemo day for Tara. Just the low dose Taxol. But low blood counts sent her packing again. So much for planning that one, or really anything for that matter. We talk about things that will happen next week and next month and she throws up her hands saying, “Is this some cruel joke on me? I cannot plan.” In the next breath, she resigns to, “I’ll just take each day for what it will bring.”

God prepared us perfectly to be together. My weakness, her strength. Her weakness, my strength. Our weakness, His strength.


2 thoughts on “Opposites Attract

  1. Ugh. It’s a such a bummer when you are “turned away”….. It always takes so much “psyching up” to make yourself walk through that door……to “just so it”, and then, well……and yes, you are correct, when I was down, Neil was “up”, always giving me valid reasons why I should not worry. Then there were times when I was the “go to” person. You guys are the perfect partnership……

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