We traveled home from the Cities yesterday in near silence. My gestures of affection were met with resistance. A gentle rub on her arm would usually return a glance and a smile or at least an opening of her hand so that hers would embrace mine. But not this time.

I had ended our time away from the kids rather abruptly in her opinion. I insisted that we get home because I also wanted time with them this weekend. But the reality was her surprise party was starting soon and I had tried gentle hints up to that point. Now I had to move quickly to get her home, and the only way I could do that was to be a jerk. And I didn’t mind because I knew it would end well.

And it did. With many friends, good food and family time, we celebrated the end of chemotherapy, which, when planning a month ago, was supposed to be last Friday. We celebrated her 42nd birthday, which was nearly a month ago. We celebrated of the goodness of God in sustaining us for 6 months when at first it I thought we could not make it for even one. We celebrated the kindness and generosity of our friends who prayed for us and supported us in that time.

It was a day to remember. One where “He put a new song in our hearts, a hymn of praise to our God.” (Psalm 40). But we don’t expect it to be over. Nay nay! There will be pain, uncertainty, much need for help, and tears. But there will also be comfort, certainty, provision, laughter and joy. And I am not just talking about us.


4 thoughts on “Surprise

  1. You have been in our hearts and in our prayers so much over the past months. So very thankful to hear of this special celebration! We love you guys!
    ~Laura and Gary

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