Mountain View

My oldest led the way up the steep, partially wooded trail toward 11,000 feet today. I struggled to fill my lungs with air as I followed her. One of the goals of this hike was a view.  So we paused at an opening to get one. What seemed high and hard half an hour before was now only a faint trail far below us. We still had more to go but we could see how far we had come and it seemed possible given the perspective. 

It is day 2 of this 20-day pause on our life trail.  Tara and I are trying to gain perspective from the view behind us (which could take a few days or more) and seek God’s guidance on the next part of our course toward the summit.  A few family members are expressing their annoyance that they have been “dragged along” on this quest. I guess I can understand but I pray it proves beneficial for them. 

On the walls inside the main building where we are is this artwork.  What a life-challenge. 

  1. Life from the Source: Our Creator, God, is the sole source of fulfilling life.
  2. Life-giving rhythms: Daily habits of time with Him is essential.
  3. Life together: Christian fellowship is essential. 
  4. Missional life: Life has purpose beyond ourselves and we should seek to live it that way.  
  5. Life that bears fruit: The result of practicing the above items will be fruit.

God, walk with us daily. Guide us.  Give us perspective at this mountain view.


3 thoughts on “Mountain View

  1. climb every mountain……seek God…he will be with you all.and lead you because he loves you, Papa and Nana

  2. Jay and Tara,
    Y’all are leading the way toward a closer walk with Jesus. Thank you for forging ahead and helping us
    Your blogs are very meaningful and we look forward to reading them.
    One day all of your children will say thank you mom and dad for taking us on this incredible journey.
    You are in our thoughts and prayers
    Mom and Dad

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