Putting Flesh on the Bones

23 years ago today I married the love of my life. We started out 1994 chasing dreams and a direction that were fleshed out in the months of engagement leading up to that day.  We couldn’t wait to start.  There is a new sense of anticipation as we begin 2017.  But nothing is fleshed out yet, only a substantially unfinished skeleton missing critical pieces.  We have some work to do; listening, praying, and planning. We are cautiously excited. 

We felt a similar swelling of purpose and excitement as we sought him 4 years ago. But we didn’t find what we expected then. In many ways it was better because it stretched and shaped us in ways we needed, but certainly wouldn’t have chosen.

So we embark today on a new quest to seek God’s direction, trying to add the remaining bones and flesh to the partial skeleton we have started to see.  Like 4 years ago, we can’t see what it looks like. Our children, now 9-16, are not fully on board with it.  Tara and I pray they get it, seeing beyond the temporary sacrifice and discomfort to the refining that could take place and the clear purpose that could result.

I know I am asking for a lot; to see the path ahead more clearly; to see flesh on the bones. It could be we won’t get that.  I’ll ask anyway, and if we don’t get it, I hope we get the faith to trust Him more. 

More to come. 


2 thoughts on “Putting Flesh on the Bones

  1. So true. Thanks for putting the thoughts into words on a page. We can definitely pray for the faith necessary to trust the Lord more; we’ll even pray for glimpses of revelation along the way. Sweet visions ahead. Becca Murray

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