Alternate Beginnings

When we were on the river, there was never a junction where I had to choose right or left.  We let the current take us and we simply navigated the snags or steered slightly enough to stay in the strongest current and out of the eddies.  Our destination was always down stream.  We could not get lost.  We could not make a wrong turn.

Occasionally we would see the convergence of another stream or river.  We knew that if we wanted to be on that river, we would have needed a different starting point.  But even if we had started at the diffferent spot, we would have ended up right where we were, so there was no point in going back up that river, because the destination was still down stream.

We are coming up on 3 years from the time of diagnosis of Tara’s cancer.  For over 2 years now she has been in remission.  We are so thankful for being here right now.  If we were given the path of no cancer, we would still be here right now.  I would still be working.  Tara would still be managing our home and involved with the kids and crazy with their activities.  The kids would still be in school, sports and church and doing their things.  So, given that either way we would be here right now, I am so thankful for the alternate beginning that led us down the route that got us here.  We have such a different perspective.

This past weekend Tara and I participated in the Inheritance of Hope Legacy Retreat in Orlando.  IoH is an organization whose purpose is to inspire hope in young families facing the loss of a parent.  Two years ago we also went, but as a family being served.  It was an amazing experience and so helpful for our family.  This time we went as volunteers and the experience was equally as impactful.  I was humbled to see men and women with more courage than I serving their sick spouse and helping their children cope.  Tara and I were priveledged to be able to help them, a little anyway.

If you feel inspired, check out the IoH website.  Give if you can.  People with alternate beginnings from you would really benefit from your help.

Hopefully it will be quite some time that I am writing again.  As long as Tara is healthy, blogging will be minimal.  Thank you for your prayers over the years.  


10 thoughts on “Alternate Beginnings

  1. That’s so awesome. This has been quite an experience for all of you and has impacted many of us. Both you and Tara have been a big inspiration to so many people. So thankful Tara is still in remition and very grateful to have you both as friends.

  2. Praising God this morning for your family, Tara’s remission, and the opportunity that you’ve had to be a testimony to those you served last week, as well as being a testimony to all those that know you. .

  3. This is Jill’s Mom and I have been praying for your family over the years. What a joy it was to hear first hand what a blessing you and Tara were over this past weekend. I heard stories from Jill, stories from Judy about the blessing it was to watch you two in servant-hearted relationship with each other and others. Thank you for your wonderful testimony and may God bless you and give your family the strength only He can give. Sheila

  4. Rejoicing with you in Tara’s continued remission! I’m reading a Christianity Today article named, “When God hits below the belt” (, and I thought back to when you were all in the thick of things. It seems very much that you were all, indeed, having your own wrestling match with God. Thankfully, He relented, and though you each probably bears some wound from the match (like Jacob’s hip), His mercy has seen you stronger and wiser. Blessed be the name of the Lord!

  5. We were so glad to hear the update from you. We do keep you in our thoughts. Wishing you continued health and life fulfillment. Darrel and June

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