Day 44

Another week under our belt. Nothing fancy about this particular day. Tara was able to go shopping this afternoon with Micalyn and a friend and her mom. While Tara rested tonight, the kids and I made it to our church small group, enjoying the friendship and conversations. I guess this could be called a happy friday even though there was no pizza or movies.

Tara is ready to have her sickness not be the main topic of conversation. It is natural for people to want to know how she is doing, but she really wants for people to ask about her kids, her husband, her opinions, and stuff like that. She want’s to ask others how they are doing.

This was day 44. God sustained us again today.


5 thoughts on “Day 44

  1. Wonderful! The joy is in the mundane….”normal” is wonderful! I remember thinking, “I have no idea how people get through this without the Lord in their lives”…..missing SO much! Blessings to all….especially Tara.

  2. The trees we planted together are still growing. There was one on th side of the house that was run over by a backhoe and broken off, but even that one has come back to life.

    Be encouraged my good friends.

  3. We finally received our closing for our home refinancing. It is Monday at 9 AM. Thank you both for keeping us in your prayers. This week at school, we celebrated Irish culture. We made scones, Irish Soda Bread and talked about imaginary creatures like leprechauns. We also talked about St. Patrick who was taken as a slave to Ireland for 6 years. He finally escaped, went home to Scotland and trained to be a priest. He returned to Ireland as a missionary to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. We discussed how St. Patrick was able to forgive his enemies and desired that they would know his savior. May each of us experience this kind of forgiveness and zeal for our Lord. May you have many normal days ahead in spite of Tara’s illness and may God use it to bring many to Christ. I love you all.

  4. Yes… in true “Tara fashion”, she selflessly called this week to ask how WE were doing. The gesture was humbling and truly shows that she is looking to others instead of focusing on her own struggles. A lesson to be learned by all of us. If God gives grace to the humble, she must have a whopping lot of it! 😉 Love you all. Talk to you soon.

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