Cabin Fever

I can hear the movie script. One young man alone with 4 beautiful young women (not what you are thinking so far). Snowed in and looking for anything to do (still not what you are thinking). When the games and the piano no longer entertain, they begin plotting to annoy each other in any way possible. The emotions wear thin and you will not believe what happens.

That was our kids today. Somehow Tara and I still enjoyed just being with them. As I sit now, I hear Lewis in the bath downstairs and it sounds like high tide against the harbor. Waves are splashing everywhere. Jenna and Andrean are screaming (with joy thankfully) as they run around with imaginations wild; playing something, but I can’t tell what. Esther is playing a game on the iPad while talking to us. Micalyn is getting her stuff ready for school tomorrow. The real drama has calmed down for the day.

“Cabin fever” is a term describing a claustrophobic reaction that takes place when a person or group is isolated and/or shut in a small space, with nothing to do for an extended period. The term describes the extreme irritability and restlessness a person may feel in these situations. We have plenty to do, we just don’t feel like doing it. We could read, play music, play games, do a craft or any number of things. But just sitting here sounds better. I don’t know if you can call that cabin fever.

I am compiling a list of places (city, state and country) where people are praying for Tara. I am putting pins on a map for Tara’s encouragement. If you are not from the Rochester, MN area, would you please comment on the blog and simply write your city and state (and country if out of the US).

Thanks for your continued prayers and encouragement.


110 thoughts on “Cabin Fever

  1. SPENCER IOWA. We love all of you keep the chin up Tara and Jay any time you want a Harley ride just let Uncle Charlie know …..

  2. Hi Tara and Jay. I just returned from a 10 day vacation to Hawaii and I prayed every day while I was gone that Tara would respond to the treatments and get better. The Lord heard my prayers even from there. Blessings to you all. Thanks Jay, for keeping us up to date on the events at the Maier house.

  3. Hi guys, this is Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin praying for Tara!! What an honor and privelege it is to lift a fellow brother, sister and their family up to the Lord in prayer!!

  4. Hopewell Junction, NY!!! (thanks for blogging Jay, we just entered this same journey with a friend who is almost exactly a month behind Tara’s experience and your words have been invaluable in helping us know how to pray and what to say (and do) – thank you!)

  5. Dear Tara,
    My mom and aunt who are in Quito (Ecuador) are praying for you and your sweet family.

    Thank you for your blog. I always look forward to reading it and it encourages me in ways you will never know… gracias πŸ™‚

    lots of love,

    Kanae Nord

  6. Jay, thanks for sharing. You God inspired words are an inspiration to all who read this. Tara, you are an amazing woman of God! I pray for you, your family and parents every day, asking God for healing, strength, hope, perseverance and peace. God bless, Jean Parsley, Fairmont Mn

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  7. We are lifting prayers to our mighty God for you, Tara and Jay, from good ole Belton, Missouri. Love you all soooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Sweet, sweet Tara and Jay, we have been praying for you since the day of your operation. I can hardly make it through your blog updates without crying. My Tuesday Bible study is praying for you here in Ann Arbor, MI and my Mom and Dad are praying in St. Petersburg, FL and my sister, Lisa and family, are praying in Shoreview, MN. I cannot imagine how you are making it, but you are blessing us by showing us how you daily depend on the Lord. What an amazing gift you have given us to look into your lives during this deep and difficult valley! Your name is written on a little chalkboard above my sink, Tara. Lots of love and prayers…..Heidi, Jon, Ella (13), Will (10) and Andrew (8) Eliason

  9. We continue to pray for your family all the time also if you give me your e-mail I’ll send you some cool God stuff I’ve been watching on the net!
    God Bless you all! Brian & Carol Woods Spirit Lake,Iowa

  10. Prayers 3 times a day for you (Tara) and your family. Please know God is with you and we are petitioning him through prayer

  11. Fort Wayne, Indiana

    Cousin Tara,
    I was working out today thinking and praying for you. I bit the bullet of gym membership, I could not take it any longer waiting for warmer weather. Only got to 31 today. It felt so good to run. I ran for you today. Wish we could walk on the treadmills and talk. You could update me on the kids activities, how big they are getting. I have lunch from12-1.
    I am counting 9 school days until spring break. My girl friends and i are headed to s.padre island, Tx. We are so ready for a break. Then i will be in Rochester for my Dr appt April15-19. I hope to see you.
    Love you,

  12. Monterey, CA.

    You guys have always been an encouragement. Thank you for continuing to share your journey and God’s grace.
    The Bankers

  13. Our SS class at Lenexa Baptist church is praying for Tara. We are friends w/Jim & Dianne Maier in Overland Park, KS.

  14. I’m following your blog from Overland Park, KS (I sing with your mom in choir at Lenexa Baptist Church). The transparency of your blog posts are inspiring and help all of us readers know how to pray for your family specifically. I’ll be praying for Tara and all of you as you go through this journey.

  15. Dear Tara & Jay
    We are praying for you and your family daily. Jay, your writing is both honest and uplifting while also so transparent. Thank you for sharing. Put Indianapolis on your map of prayers. God will continue to bless you through this.

  16. Ames, Iowa. Steve and I are praying for you all daily. Let us know if or when we can come up for a couple hours. Val

  17. We know Tara’s folks-Nan & Larry from back in Spirit Lake, IA. However, we winter in Green Valley, put GV on the map..and have friends from here from North Carolina and Illinois also praying.

  18. Norton, KS Jen Cox Hauser. We were classmates at Bethel. Encouraged by your blog and praying daily for you all.

  19. Dayton MN,
    Jay . Sharing your family’s journey helps me cope with my Daughters battle.
    Thanks for your stories – good on you & bless you and your Tara

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