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After yesterday, we needed to be reminded of the faithfulness of God. It is not in question, even when we are down in the dumps. Not very distant are the memories of surgery, first weeks of recovery, not being with the kids, struggling to even go to work, much less be productive. We have come a long way since then. At that time we looked back to see the way God had prepared our family for this time; physically, emotionally and spiritually. We remember that now again. We have also been encouraged, all along, by the people praying for us in Rochester, the US, the world.

I told you last week that I would take a picture of that map and show you. I spent some time this morning with the kids going back through those comments to make sure we accounted for everyone. Then I took a picture.

This has been incredibly encouraging today. God has used you to show us his faithfulness. Thank you!



20 thoughts on “Check Out the Map

  1. We’re praying for you near Sioux City! I have so enjoyed reading your blog and following this journey with you. Thank you for sharing your ups and downs and your incredible faith with us.

  2. Tara and Jay, I was moved by your entry from last evening which I didn’t read until this AM. I was struck with how real you are and that you are willing to show and share that realness. To me, that gives (as if it is needed) such credibility to your deep faith. It’s not a bed of roses, even for those on the Path, maybe especially those on the Path. Thank you for revealing yourselves. You are so giving yourselves to God and letting Him use you for His purposes. BUT, so thankful that today is feeling better! Jill Gill

  3. This morning I read a message in a Billy Graham devotional book that was so very pertinent to what you are experiencing. It.said basically, that if God is putting you through a time of trial and suffering, he promises to pour out His blessings according to the amount of suffering you are going through and that now is the time to hold Him to that promise. Although I have absolutely no clue as to what it must be like for you right now, I’ve been praying for His promises to be fulfilled in you, that you may be strengthened as a result. Now, after reading this most recent blog, I believe those prayers have been answered already………they will most assuredly continue.


  4. I never commented about my location and I don’t see any pins in Indiana! So sorry to delay!
    I’m in Fort Wayne, Indiana (friends with Tara’s cousin Amy). Reading and praying for you!

  5. Thank you for sharing this awesome map with us – I can “see” our Sioux Falls, SD pin – Bless you today with whatever you are needing. Love, hugs, and prayers continue from friends you don’t even know, but who love you in the Lord – “Because He Lives” we who know HIM can face tomorrow, Amen ??? Sincerely sent today from Carol Olson, friend of the “Johnson family”

  6. You can add Germany for this week for me…transparent. Real. This suffering does not seem fair at all. Last night I experienced a crazy bout of what I called “stopped gut” where everything eaten decided it needed to come out one way and another- jet lag I guess. Tara, I actually thought of those nausea days you went thru. Terrible. God is still God and He is still good but these things you are dealing with aren’t. But when they bring us closer to Him in some way in our surrender He will bring beauty out of ashes. Sometimes it seems like all you have is ashes but He’s still holding you. Always. And the sun comes up and goes down on yet another day. But eternity is always bright and beautiful. And that is a blessed assurance for us all. Whenever I write these replies I feel like I’m just talking with you guys. I hope you know if we could each take one day of this journey to lighten the load we would. Lord have Mercy on Tara today.

  7. Add Chippewa Falls, WI (that is straight east of the twin cities; next to Eau Claire, WI. Your honesty is so raw but yet so refreshing. So many trials people encounter they are not real and honest. When I read your entry yesterday; i knew exactly how to pray for you and your family!!
    I don’t have any profound words of encouragement; other than the Father knows your pain, He knows your frustration and He is quietly loving you through it and sometimes He will LOUDLY love you through it! Stand firm in the quiet moments and allow your emotions to be… take deep breaths and take each moment as it comes..

  8. You can add Tucson, AZ where some of Tara’s Johnson relatives live both in Tucson and Green Valley. We continue to pray for you knowing that God knows just the right answer!! Tara do you remember Steve & Cindy Calvin?? I think you may have baby set for them back in your Bethel days. Steve is our oldest son and they are also praying for you. Their daughter, Ruthie and her husband, Taylor Beahrs will be moving to Rochester in the summer I think. Taylor will be beginning an internship at Mayo in orthopedics, They have a little 18 month old son, so one of your girls may be old enough to baby set for them! We love your Mom & Dad and always look forward to seeing them. Love and continued prayers. Donna (Johnson) Anderson

  9. I loved the map. My sister is praying in New York and my mom in Largo, FL as well. Blessings on you all and may you have a restful and restoring night’s sleep. I did nursery tonight and just enjoyed the cuddle time in the Giraffe room. It was good to slow down and rock a baby. Love you.

  10. Great is Thy faithfulness!
    Great is Thy faithfulness!
    Morning by morning, new mercies I see!
    ALL I have needed Thy hand hath provided!
    Great is Thy faithfulness, Lord unto me!

    Very thankful for His faithfulness on your behalf! Continuing to lift you and your family up thru it all and praising Him for those around you who daily help to meet needs, who care for and love on you and your family!! Much love to you all!!

  11. There are about 50 people praying for you in Lincoln, Nebraska and I don’t see a pin anywhere in Nebraska! We got you covered from our family, our church small group, 5th grade Sunday school class, and my Moms in Prayer group. Love and prayers to all from Nebraska!

  12. Thank you so much for sharing that map! It is such an encouragement to see, not only feel, the prayer off all the saints on Tara’s behalf!! Prayer makes such an impact! We continue to lift you up every day in prayer…….

  13. Jay, Tara and family. You can add Green Bay, WI to your map. Nathan relayed your story to us when he found out and our thoughts and prayers have been with you since then. Having gone through a similar trial with my oldest brother, ie; luekemia, chemo, a marrow transplant, it has been eerily consistant how these journeys have mirrored each other. The hope, the fear, the uncertainty, the anger and the darker moments of questioning. Through it all we can only and must “fight the good fight”. Try to make any and all efforts be as positive and forwarding as possible. I have always been taught and truly believe, He will not give us a cross we cannot bear, nor will the path we are on always be an easy one. May your faith in the Lord continue to be your strength, your light and your sustenance as you continue down the path. Steve and Dee Runke.

  14. Jane and I read the updates every day and continue to lift you up in prayer. Having gone through the chemo treatment and the identical ups and downs as you, it is the people praying for you that is so powerful. From our experience, prayer is what sustained us through the months and we are so happy you are experiencing that power in your journey. Having a faith-family supporting you is a plus. Keep sharing your thoughts.

  15. Praying for Tara in Sutherland Iowa. I have shingles too! One could suggest it is a very sympathetic prayer ! 😉 blessings and love……

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