Day Number 165

Just a quick update. Tara will be meeting with the Oncologist tomorrow….without me for the first time since the onset of her cancer. She should gain a better sense of how many more weeks chemo will go on. She will learn how the CA125 acted with another missed treatment (last week). She will get the big dose of chemo (assuming her blood counts are good enough to receive the treatment). She should get the fluid in her abdomen drained once again. It will be a big day.

Tara will spend the time with a good friend who has been by her side all along. They will go the appointments together. If I am lucky, they will relay info back to me so I can also be in the loop.


7 thoughts on “Day Number 165

  1. Good luck on your busy day tomorrow. Thinking of you and sending you energizer bunny battery fuel to you!!!

  2. So tempted to pray right now, “Lord, your will be done, but do it MY way and let the Ca 125 be normal with no need for more chemo ~ ever!” Where is the faith and trust in that? And so, I pray instead, “Lord, your will be done. In all things, be glorified through your servant, Tara.”

    PS……..Tara, there will be luminaria lit in your honor this Saturday at Martin County Relay for Life.

  3. Tara, good luck at your appointments today. We are pulling for you and your family. We think of you all the time. I wish we lived closer, so we could help you out. I know how it is to have five little ones to take care of. It is a full time job. But, how blessed we are to have the children. Take care! Love from all of us Biehler’s.

  4. We are taking your current experience and making our lives and actions more meaningful and loving. Thank you for sharing. We love you.

  5. Will be praying for your day tomorrow. I’m thankful for your friend who will be caring for you and giving you the support you need (in Jay’s place). Love and miss you.

  6. Prayers coming for best outcome possible! Prayers for peace that surpasses all understanding ; strength to get through another day; and an awesome day tor all!

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